Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Yesterday my parents took Elizabeth for the night so we could go up to Portland and spend some time with the girls. We stayed at the Ronald McDonald house down the street from the hospital. We had a private room with a bathroom. It reminded me of a bed and breakfast.
Hannah and Emma had some visitors besides their Mommy and Daddy yesterday. Baa and TT stopped in to get a peek at the girls. They were in town for a graduation.
Both girls did great at their first feeding. On their second feeding Emma took most of her bottle and finished it off in her feeding tube. Hannah was way to tired to get any of her feeding through a bottle. She was fed her whole feeding through her feeding tube. After this feeding Josh and I went out to get some dinner and stopped at Sam's Club. We didn't make it back for Emma's feeding but was able to do Hannah's. She was more awake but still did not finish her whole feeding with a bottle.

We said goodnight to the girls at about 10:15pm and headed to our bed for the night.
Hannah Emma
(Hey, Hannah, you want to try and break out of here tonight?)

This morning we were at the hospital for 8:00am. In Emma's room her board said Happy Mother's Day and there was a card with a poem and these two pictures of the girls. It brought me to tears of course.
Josh and I were around for one feeding today. Emma took almost all of her feeding and Hannah took half of hers before falling asleep. They both nursed so that has often tired them out.
Kevin stopped in to see the girls this morning. It was a nice visit from a good friend.
We left the hospital at about 11:00am and headed to my parents house to pick up Elizabeth. We picked up a pizza and slush puppy on the way home for lunch. After lunch we played some Hungry Hippo and worked on her Tinkerbell wings she got for her birthday.
Later this afternoon we are meeting up with my sister and she is going to take Elizabeth for a few days. She misses her cousins Cassidy and Cadence and is very excited to spend some time with them.
Tomorow I'm hoping to stop by my work and show some pictures before heading up to the hospital.


  1. WOW, they are cute and do look very much alike!! Yeah that you got to spend more time w/them. Sounds like Elizabeth will have fun w/Kim and her girls. And, it will give you time to rest and be w/the twins.

    Thanks for the pics. They are adorable

  2. ....And what a wonderful visit it was for BA & TT :-)) Emma & Hannah even opened their eyes to look at us!! But they wouldn't eat while we were there!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Josh & Susan it was soo good to see you as well! & thank you for sharing your babies and time with us!!