Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7th First time driving since March 14th

So I drove myself to the hospital today. I'm feeling a little bit sore from it all.

Both the girls took 5 bottles throughout the night and morning. They also decided to take out their own feeding tube. I guess they are saying they are done with those. Last nights nurse kept them out because they were taking the bottle well. This morning Emma was very sleepy so they put the feeding tube back in to finish her feeding. Hannah made it to her noon feeding to get her tube put back in. The girls need to have two days of feeding without the feeding tubes before they can come home.

Both the girls did some nursing and combined it with bottle feeding. Emma was sleepy the first feeding so she had her feeding through the tube. Hannah started a bottle after nursing but fell asleep and had no interest in the bottle. The second feeding was better for Emma. She took a whole bottle for me and only dribbled a little bit. Hannah drank half a bottle and the rest was fed through her tube because she was falling asleep. She is a very fast sucker but doesn't always swallow so she dribbles a lot.

Today my mom, sister and grandfather came by to see the girls. My grandfather was certainly happy to see the babies today.

It looks like we will have a few new visitors tomorrow. Josh's aunt and uncle are going to be in the area tomorrow and plan to stop in to see the babies.

Until tomorrow.

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  1. Glad they got to see the girls.

    UGH!! C'mon girls get those feeding tubes out so Mom can just stay at home snuggling you guys!! Better luck tomorrow!!

    You are doing so great updating, I always check in, thank you!