Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st Emma the night owl

We had a great weekend. Elizabeth and I went out Friday night to Kohls and got dinner to bring home. Daddy stayed home with Emma and Hannah. On Saturday Josh and Elizabeth went up to Portland to pick up the storage box for the Pacifica. They also went down to the water and bought lobstah and clams for dinner. While they were away my friend Joy stopped over to drop off a gift for the girls and get a peek at them. Sunday Elizabeth and I picked up the cross bars for the Pacifica to put the storage box on and then we went grocery shopping.

Yesterday Elizabeth helped give the babies baths. Earlier in the day I had spelled out bath to Josh saying the girls needed one. Elizabeth had no idea what I had spelled and said she wanted one. When I asked her what she wanted she said "a G-H-I" I busted out laughing of course. What a silly girl!

So little Emma is deciding to be a night owl. Once they are feed I have been putting them back to bed and then climb into bed myself. Miss Emma hasn't been going to sleep instead she is making all kinds of noise for attention in her bed. As soon as I get out of bed and she sees me she is all content. Today I tried to keep her up after feeding her so hopefully she'll be tired at 2am and not 2pm.

I picked up Elizabeth from daycare today with Emma and Hannah. She really loves these babies. In the back of the car she is rambling up a storm about what she is going to do when she gets home "first I need to wash my hands, then I dry them so I can hold Hannah for two minutes."

Tomorrow the visiting nurse comes to check out the girls. I'm curious to know how much they weight. I know they are over the 6 pound mark. They are certainly filling out their clothing and hats.

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  1. They are adorable. I can't wait to meet them in person!! Sounds like you aren't letting them slow you down much. Glad big sis is enjoying them too.

    Good luck getting some sleep