Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10th Due Date

So today would have been my due date had I gone full term with one baby. The girls will be 7 weeks old tomorrow! So far they are doing great and finding their voice. They are feeding every three hours still.

Last Friday night we took them out to Portland to pick up photos. Elizabeth was hungry and it was feeding time for the babies so we went to the food court. Hannah decided to spit up all over me just as we were getting ready to go. It looks like I'll be sure to pack extra clothing with me next time.

Saturday we had Kim, her fiance Tim and the girls over for a small cookout. It was the first time they had met the girls.

On Sunday we had a family baby shower. Everyone got to meet the girls and it went well. The girls got a lot of nice things.

On Sunday night the girls were really stuffed up. Elizabeth has been fighting a head cold so I'm sure that hasn't help the girls out much. We have been making sure she is washing her hands and staying out of the babies faces. On Monday I called their doctors office and they recommended using little noses saline spray/drops.

On Monday the girls stopped in to see Daddy at school and meet his students. The staff were also introduced to the girls. Then on Tuesday we made it to a staff meeting at St. James to show the girls off. (All of the praying they did while I was in the hospital must have helped!!)

Today they have not been very happy. I pulled out their swings to help to keep them upright. They both ended up falling asleep. Thank god. I was finally able to take a nap too.

Tomorrow we have appointments with the eye doctor. I'm doing it on my own so lets hope it isn't to traumatic. We will try to update the blog with some new pictures sometime soon.

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  1. Good luck at the Dr's!! Hope they feel better!