Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Five Months Old today!!!

Hannah went to the doctors on Saturday morning because she sounded awful with a junky cough. They said her lungs sounded clear and were not concerned. Her first cold. Then of course Emma is now fighting the same little cold. They are such great sharers!

The twins are five months old today and I have to say it has gone by so quickly. They are rolling over, laughing, grabbing toys, and have tried cereal for the first time on Sunday. At their last bath they were both over the 13 pound mark. Emma is a little bit bigger than Hannah but not yet 14 pounds.

They are such great babies just like their big sister Elizabeth was. Both girls have been sleeping about 8 hours at night. They are such happy go lucky babies.


Emma and Hannah having some belly time!

The three girls.

Emma and Hannah sitting in their bumbo chairs happy!

Emma and Hannah are 5 months old today!

Hannah trying her cereal for the first time!

Emma watches Hannah eating her cereal.

Hannah wondering what she is getting herself into and Emma is eating her hand.

Emma eating cereal for the first time.

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