Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The girls were baptized at Most Holy Trinity in Saco. We had scheduled the baptism for St. Josephs in Biddeford but got bumped out because there was another event happening there at the same time. It was a beautiful day to celebrate.
These were the pearl bracelets given to the girls to wear on their wrist on their baptism day. They will later have them to put on their wedding bouquet.

Shawn and Hannah. Go Red Sox!

Nana and Papa with their great-grand babies!

Elizabeth and Hannah

The yummy cake with pictures of mine, Josh's and Elizabeth's baptism.

Hannah with her parents and god parents Shayna and Travis. She was no longer happy here.

Emma with her parents and god parents Amanda and Tim.

Look at these cute girls!

Our family. Hannah is still very unhappy :(

Lighting of their baptism candles by their god fathers.

Happy Emma sporting her pearls!



The baptism gowns.

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