Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting there!

I'm getting us closer to having an updated blog with pictures. Next up is Christmas!!!

Our Frosty the snowman!

Just give them a box and they'll play for hours!!!

Needed a little break for emptying their dresser.

Decorating and eating Gingerbread cookies!!!

Shrine Christmas Party!

Elizabeth's Daisy troop at their first ceremony.

Our house decorated!

With Santa! Josh is such a good sport!

Our decorated tree!

Josh and Hannah

Emma and Mommy at the Christmas Parade.

Elizabeth on the girl scout float.

Searching for the perfect Christmas Tree with Travis and Lacie.

Elizabeth helping to pull the tree out of the woods.

Hannah is so busted!!!!

Ready to play in the snow!



Yummy treats!

Thanksgiving dinner at the kids table!

Josh with the girls and our new nephew Brendyn at the McFarland family Thanksgiving/Christmas gathering.

Hannah and Emma

All the cousins together.

Elizabeth on her swing set now at the house.

Elizabeth skating for the first time at her friends birthday party.

3 Girls


Elizabeth at her new bus stop and first day riding her new bus!

First dinner in the new home! 11/2/10

Halloween with cousins at Nanna and Papa's.

Little girls in their room!

Our 3 little monkeys.

Our new home!

Halloween stroll down Main Street in Ellsworth with Noah and Ian.

Little helpers!

More of my little helpers cleaning the new house!

Moms of Multiples Club Halloween Party in Portland


  1. Great post, Susan!! So much catching up to do. I am amazed at the McFarland cousins!! Holy Moly!!
    Glad you are all enjoying your new home. The girls look like busy little beavers!! :)

  2. Matching munchkins are great! Love your pics.

    Sole the Sock,