Tuesday, March 23, 2010

11 Months!!!!

The twins are 11 months old today. A very busy month. Emma and Hannah are both pulling themselves up on everything and cruising the furniture. They both love to clap their hands and are learning "more" in sign language.

Elizabeth competed in her first baton contest over the weekend. She did some marching and placed 2nd out of two! We are so proud of her! Next contest is April 10th in Saco where she will be performing a small routine and marching.

Big sister Elizabeth

Elizabeth with her two little sisters.

Emma and Hannah are 11 months!



Both babies are swinging on a beautiful day!

Daddy hanging up the 2nd swing!

Elizabeth holding her medal!

Elizabeth getting her tape from the judge!

Baby sisters watching their big sister!

Josh with Carrie Underwood after the concert!

Dare Devil Emma!

The girls playing standing up!

Emma learning to pull herself up.

The girls!

Cousin Noah and the girls!

Babies watching Noah and Elizabeth playing outside.

The girls playing the piano.

Hannah and Emma sitting on the stairs at Nanny and Grampy's.

Noah's birthday party!

Opening presents!

Play time in the walkers at Nanny and Grampy's!

The girls in the tub at Nanny and Grampy's! Elizabeth, Hannah, and Emma!

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