Friday, February 12, 2010

Family update!

We have been busy these past few weeks. All three girls are growing like weeds. Miss Hannah is to brave. She is pulling herself standing now and crawling on all four. Emma is pulling herself up to her knees. She is also getting up on all four but not moving forward to crawl yet. Emma has 6 teeth now and Hannah has 5. Hannah's top right is there but hasn't pushed through. They have also battled more ear infections. We are looking forward to vacation with cousins in a few days!
Hannah has learned to pull herself up to a standing position!

Emma and Hannah helping to put dishes away.

Miss Popular and Super Cute posing.

Accidents happen! Hannah took a tumble attempting to let go of the play table. Poor little nose:(

Hannah pulling Emma's hair! Learning to share is hard work.


Elizabeth and Isaac playing together at a friends gathering.

Yankee Swap!

Emma playing in Mary's walker.

Hannah pulling herself up on Elizabeth's art easil.

Elizabeth decided to cut her hair.

Hannah taking a ride on the new toy. Emma playing with the toys on it.

They both are enjoying the Leap Frog center.

Hannah at the Pirates game!

Emma at the Pirates game!

Elizabeth at the Pirates game!

Trying out the sippy cup with some puffs.

The babies watching Elizabeth in the tub!

Our visit with cousins in Rhode Island. Josh brought them to the park!

Happy Birthday Cassidy!

Celebrating Cassidy's 8th birthday!

Emma and Hannah 10 months old!

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