Friday, January 22, 2010


So the girls will be 9 months tomorrow! Lots of milestones this month. Both girls now have 3 new teeth. They broke their first tooth through on December 23rd and haven't slowed down. Emma has both bottom and a top left side tooth. Emma now has both bottom through and a top left. Teething has not been much fun with the girls. I hate comparing but Elizabeth was such an easy baby with just about everything. They are still crawling around on their belly, however Hannah the past couple of days has been getting up on all four rocking. She is also little miss climber now too! It started from a basket and now when she can get her hands above her she is pulling her self to her knees then her feet. Yesterday she pulled herself up on Elizabeth's art easel tray. Yikes, we all know what happens after this stage. Emma is not that far behind her. Both babies can sit up completely independently know as well. On a not such good note the girls both have another ear infection. This is Hannah's 3rd and Emma's 2nd. Poor babies:(

Emma trying her frozen banana!

Hannah really enjoyed her frozen banana!

The babies together eating.

Sick and tired Emma:(

Sick and tired Hannah:(

Stuck! This would be our explorer Hannah!

Attempting to climb stairs.

Climbing Hannah strikes again!


See what happens when the phone rings and you leave the room for a minute! Helper Elizabeth steps in to Mommy's surprise!

The babies enjoying playing in the pack n'play!

Emma is tired from all the jumping!

Hannah on the other hand is wide awake!

Sitting up pretty for a picture!

No idea who this child belongs to.

The babies in Elizabeth's rocking chair.

Elizabeth and Daddy playing in the snow!

Emma and Hannah playing with their toys!

Hannah showing her toy.

Looks like Hannah is stuck again!

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