Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Camp Pictures from this past weekend.

Happy Cousins

Elizabeth's first time tubing. (She was really excited to go....)

She enjoyed it after a few minutes.

Elizabeth and Nana picking blueberries.

These were the shirts we were going to buy online, but decided it was cheaper to make ourselves.

The onesies the twins wore for their Mother's day pictures in the NICU. (You can go back to May and find the picture.) They fill them out a little better now.

Playdate with Elizabeth's friend, Maddie


  1. Those pictures are adorable!!!! I am smiling just looking at them :)

  2. Look at their smiles!!!! They are really filling out, and getting that chubby baby look.

    Glad Elizabeth had fun tubing!!! My girls love it too.

  3. You guys always look like your having so much fun! Glad you are continuing to have wonderful adventures!


  4. OMG - looks like you have two sets of twins - Elizabeth and Maddie look alot alike -

    Hope your having a good summer -

  5. Yes it does look like I have two sets of twins in the picture. They both had the same shirt on that day and were pretending to be twins! Maddie and Elizabeth alway have so much fun together!